Realtor in Dallas TX Area, Can Help You Buy, Sell or Invest

Whether you want to buy a home, sell a home, invest in a property, or do something else, Hans will be able to help you from step one to the end. Working with Hans is like working with family….Dallas is a Great Investment

pportunity Dallas is one ofthe best places in the nation to make small real estate investments because of the relativelylow home prices in contrast with the high opportunity for returns.If you want to profit from investments, call me TODAY. I will start looking for a house for you to rent out. Normally a house worth 230k can be leased for $2200.00/month and will take less than a month to lease out. A home worth 140k can be leased for $1400.00/month .

Before the 1st mortgage due date I will make sure your property is beingrent out. 

As long as you buy through me, you will not be charged for newspaper ads, engaging the renting process, or anything else required in the transaction. I  will alsodo a tenant background check and credit check.I have many clients from NY and NJ thatown investment homes in Dallas. Almost always, the mortgage, tax, and insurance will be covered in excess by the rent.

If you’re putting 20% down, you will get a return after all expenses and you will be keeping the home through leverage means of bank money.The equity building up in the mortgage will be yours as well and you can write off the expenses for tax return.This is a very low risk investment .So why not buy a home in Dallas area and lease it out? I will explain to you from A-Z what is required.

Why own just one house when you have the opportunity to own many homes here in the Dallas area while having the mortgage with expenses completely covered by rent? You will receive payments monthly by mail.

Location, Location, Location – BuyerSide Real Estate

Before you are very far into your house-hunting, someone will tell you the oldest real estate joke that the three most important factors in the value of a house are (1) location, (2) location and (3) location.It’s true, too.  A house costing $600,000 in Beverly Hills might sell, on a comparable lot in the suburbs of Peoria, for $100,000. 

Never in the history of this country have locational differences been so marked.  Closer to home, you know yourself that a modest home in the most expensive suburb is worth much more that the identical house in an inner city neighborhood.From a buyer’s point of view, there are two ways of looking at this locational preference, which appraisers call situs. 

The classic advice is to buy the modest house on a more expensive street.  Such a house is easy to resell, and it’s value will hold up well, for there are always buyers eager for the prestige of that particular neighborhood.  Remodeling or adding to it is possible too because alterations won’t push it out of the price range for that area.

On the other hand, the most luxurious house on the street won’t ever repay the owner for the money invested.  No matter how elegant it may be, buyers with money to spend will aim at another, fancier neighborhood.In one way, then, an over-improved house represents an opportunity for the buyer who wants lots of space and luxury features and isn’t worried about resale value.   If you think you will live in the house for a long time and you like the area, you may be able to pick up a great deal for your money. 

Where then are the bargains?Sloppy houses, otherwise well maintainedFamily situations of stress: divorce, death, illnessProperty over-improved for it’s neighborhoodThe modest house on a prestigious streetThe last is, perhaps, not so much a bargain as it is a classic good investment.